JBL Xtreme went dead, plugging in not helping.


I was listening to music on my JBL Xtreme via bluetooth, when suddenly the device just went dead. There was no usual “power off” -chime for when the battery runs out. I also had just charged the device, and 4 leds were lit. Pressing the power button did not have any effect. Once home, I plugged it in, but there was no effect: no leds were lit, power button did not work - completely dead. The device was not, and never has been, subjected to water, drops or any other damage.

I took the speaker apart to see if the battery might have somehow disconnected itself. The battery seemed to be connected fine, but I re-connected it and tried powering the device again to no effect. Are these indicative of a battery issue, that could be fixed with a replacement battery, or perhaps something else? What would be the recommended approach?

Thank you.

Update (01/03/2022)

The issue was dead battery. Swapping the battery for a new one fixed the device.

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