Why is my controller freezing?

I have no idea what could cause this, but whenever I play games my controller will "freeze" every few seconds, and what I mean by that is, say I'm playing destiny 2 and im holding the left stick forward and press triangle to swap weapons. If my controller “freezes” right then it will hold triangle causing me to swap to the wrong weapon, and it will also force me to run straight forward no matter what direction I would try to turn. These ‘fit’ useally last 1 to 3 seconds, however I have seen them last around 5 seconds. It does this with all buttons on my controllers include in the home button, share button, and options button. I have perfect wifi, and a hard line connection. I tryed buying new controllers, and even haveing my ps4 cleaned. No matter what I do this problem persists, and it makes basically any game compleatly unplayable.

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