Brightness display not working!

My screen brightness doesn’t change, the f keys don’t work…and there is no setting to change it in System Preferences!

I have tried several things the F keys are not flipped or fn locked

I reset SMC, PRAM, disconnect battery and disconnect display cable nothing changes

Help if you can PLZ!

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Block Image

Block Image

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Hi there,

Firstly I would run this apple diagnostic just to make sure there's nothing obvious that could be causing this. However, assuming that doesn't show any issues I would suggest trying to run a different installation on your Macbook to see if it is related to your macOS installation. To do this you will either need a second SSD or you might need to create a new partition on it to install a second OS.

Run Apple Diag:

"Turn on your Mac, then immediately press and hold the D key on your keyboard as your Mac starts up. "

If neither of these options work there might be a hardware related fault causing this.

I agree to the OS issue, I might also see if creating a new user makes a difference. Or update to the newer version, especially if this is a recent issue.

Also, just an odd thought. Not sure that this would present the same way for display brightness, but I wondered if your keyboard brightness were also affected? Does your webcam work? It may be an issue with the Ambient Light sensor, which runs through a different cable than your display. I might also try to reseat that, but be cautious because the cable is a bit tricky to get out and can be easy to tear.

What does the keyboard viewer show? Go to System Preferences > Keyboard check off "Show keyboard ... viewers in menu bar" and make sure you've not checked off "Use F1, F2, etc as standard function keys" That way you don't need to use the modifier fn key in case that has failed.

Then from the menu open up the keyboard viewer and hit the keys does the viewer show they are working?

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