TBK 958A Not displaying iPhone 12 and up back glass laser schematics.

So we have a TBK 958a back glass laser machine and when the iPhone 12 came out we downloaded the schematics from the official website, loaded them onto a USB, put them in the TBK 958A and the file shows when we transfer the files to the machine via USB but when we click on the image it comes up blank. And I got my files directly from the website here http://www.shenwangda.com/en/h-col-125.h...

Has anyone here successfully updated their TBK-958A to fit the iPhone 12 and up models? We tried different formats on the USBs and that didn’t work. If anyone here has had some success please feel free to help a fellow tech out. :)

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Ho lo stesso problema per caso hai risolto ?

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