Left bud not working after running it over with my car

My left bud wont work after running it over with my car by accident, they look fine, except foe the 2 charging holes, they look dirty and a bit scraped up.. they dont appear at all when i connect to them, like it didnt exist, it can still be charged with the case.. any ideas?

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Try removing the earbud Bluetooth profile, put earbuds in charger for about ten seconds then remove and try to connect.

Assumptions are not a good substitute for proper diagnostics however if it was working fine before and now isn't the internal electronics could be damaged.

Common problems are much easier to give advice about then physical damage unfortunately.

They have a good repairability rating, I stumbled across an ifix YouTube video yesterday trying to find out information on my JBL earbuds.

Hope you fix it, good luck.

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