Black screen and blinking red indicator

Hi I have Huawei mate 20 pro it sudnley went on black and when I charge it there is a blinking red indicator and I tried all methods I even disconnected the battery and still not working

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Do you know if the battery was low when the issue happened? If so, then let the device charge for 10-15 minutes then see if it will power on. Also try another charger if you have one.

If it was charged up, was the device hot? Some devices will just shut off and will not turn on until they have cooled down. I’ve seen this with some phone cases while the phone is in use like playing a game that is real CPU/GPU intensive and it gets too hot.

You can also see if the device will turn on with the charger and the battery removed though most phones won't work this way but it may show a no battery installed screen. If it does, then it may be the battery causing the issue.

Also check the sim card if you the device has one. I've seen this cause issue too.

You can also see if you can get the device in to recovery mode just to confirm that the device is turning on. You will need to look up the recovery method for you device though.

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