Ghost touching after phone gets warm


I’ve bought a used iPhone 5S in working condition (the only thing is the metal housing is scratched on the corners and the screen borders have a yellow tint to them but nothing is broken).

I noticed after 15 minutes of intensive use that the back of the phone gets noticeably warm (I run the latest iOS version 12.5.5). I then got some weird ghost touching problems with the screen. Because of that I placed an order for a new replacement screen (not original).

Fast forward a day later I replaced the battery because I noticed it drains really fast.

The ghosting didn’t go away though but instead got somewhat worse (I think). I have to say that this was my first repair but I think I did okay.

I then read through various threads on iFixit about iPhone 5 ghosting and some of the comments mentioned that it is related to heat.

I then purposely put the phone on a warm heater for 10s and after that I immediately got the ghosting problem.

After I let it cool down for a minute everything works fine again.

So because of that I am pretty sure this has to be related to heat. Also, because of the yellow tint to the LCD edges / corners it may even be the original screen.

I am not sure whether this heat is generated by the battery, the display or the mainboard. Because this Phone is really quite old but runs a pretty modern version of iOS I would guess the CPU runs hot.

Anyway - anyone here who has an idea how to fix / reduce the problem?

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