Model number and or Datasheet for Powermac G5 Late 2005 System Chipset

As part of a small reverse engineering project of the PowerMac G5 Late’ 05, is it at possible to find a Datasheet or reference manual on the main System Chipset / Memory Controller as found on the backside of the mainboard. In earlier models this was called the “U3” chip, I have heard that in newer models this was changed to the “U4” memory controller.

I am new to posting questions here and am sorry if this is the wrong place.

Here’s an Image of the Chipset I found Online.

Block Image

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Power2PC, do you have that board? Any numbers on it? Post some pictures of the board and the U2 IC with your question 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

If it has a question mark in it, it can't be an answer.

I have now added an image I found Online of the Chipset in question.

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