Trying to use my MacBook Pro screen as a 2nd screen...


The mother board of my Macbook pro 15’ (late 2011) is out of order and cannot be fixed.

I would like to use its screen as a 2nd screen. But to buy the appropriate LCD card I have to know the exact reference of the screen (something like “N154C6 L04” e.g.), and I cannot find it. Would anyone help me please ?

Thanks !

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@jerms45 there should be a label on the back of the display panel. For the model you chose it should be either a

LP154WP3-TLA3 or a LP154WP4-TLA1

This will of necessitate that you remove the LCD screen from the display assembly.

Thank you for your help ! I'm gonna try this.


Thanks for your help. I saw a tutorial on how to remove the LCD screen from the display assembly. But to do it I need a heat gun that I don't have, and anyway I would fear to destroy the LCD assembly that I would like to keep.

I found an article where such an operation had been done, but the links are no more available :

So, isn't there any non destroying way to know exactly the reference number of my screen ?

@jerms45 is your plan to use it as a complete assembly vs just the LCD?

@oldturkey03 My plan is to use it as it is shown in the article (sorry for my English, I think it's easier to show you pictures than trying to use inappropriate words) :

I have already disassembled the LCD part keeping the protections. But maybe the person who did that had to remove the LCD screen as you said, but he didn't mention it in the article and I didn't get any answer from him.

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