Replace Xtreme2 motherboard with Flip 5? Good or bad?

I went away for two months during Dec/9 to Feb/15, when i came back to my Xtreme2 it was completely dead and would not respond no matter how i tried to charge it.

Bought a new battery and replaced it, but the Xtreme2 was still dead like a pet Rock. Returned the new battery and went down to the local Audio&Video store and asked what might be wrong. He said that you would have to change the whole motherboard in order to fix it and recommended me to buy a new by speaker.

Fast forward to yesterday when i got a flip 5 from a friend.

Is it possible to switch the burnt MB from my Xtreme2 to the one from the working flip 5?

If yes, is it a good idea or do i risk destroying the flip 5?

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