Poco M3 proximity sensor error after lcd change

Hello everyone

I have just changed my Poco M3 's lcd screen (I bought one with the frame already glued to it).

When I turn it back on, There is random messages like "remove your hand from in front of the screen", and when I make a call, the screen remains black, and we can't have access to the screen, in short, the proximity sensor has a problem.

This problem sometimes happened before I changed the screen, but it is constant now.

Does Anyone know if this is a known issue?

Can you help me locate this proximity sensor ?

Is there a plug I did'nt connected correctly, or is it inside the screen?

Can the sensor functions be disabled? In the call settings, I couldn't find how...

If the proximity sensor is really defective, should the sensor allways detec something, or should it detect nothing?

Thank you

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