Where to buy microswitch for iPod gen 5?

The microswitch that is soldered onto the logic board has fallen of (This is for the center button) I cannot find the old one to solder it back, nor can I find the right microswitch online. Can anyone link me to a seller online? Thanks!

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I don’t want to sound creepy

But can you provide me with what country you are from so I can get a link to the part from your country

I don’t want to give you the wrong link as I’m in the uk

I live in India, so I'm having trouble finding the parts..

Iv had a look and I can’t find the part in any market so my advise would be to order a faulty logic board as they are fairly cheep

And take the part from there

Could you link me to a seller?

I don’t really have a seller on eBay but there are lots up for auction and also I would try Ali express

And also did the whole switch fall off or was it just the black button bit

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