Metal string is tangled?

I have a Panasonic KX-E700M and the metal string that moves the ink cartridge is tangled. When I untangle the string on one side it tangles on the other. I do not know what to do, can anybody help? Thank you

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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There appears to be three black plastic pulleys - one on each side of the carriage and a center pulley that winds and unwinds the steel cable. One of the pulleys has a motor to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise to move the carriage left/right. The cable is tightly wound with several steel wires for strength and long life and may coil up when slack occurs. In this case, the cable came off all three pulleys and simply tries to coil itself in a tangle. This requires some mechanical knowledge to rewind the cable back onto all three pulleys in the correct configuration in order to restore full function. There may be a possibility of motor or electronic damage that caused the cable to unravel. Check all three pulleys for freedom of rotation with the exception of the motor pulley which should turn cw and ccw. If its a stepper motor, the rotation may feel like it has gears inside. Some motors have magnets that create a magnetic field to create a gear like feel when rotating the shaft/pulley.

@notbroken Thank you so much, I will use this help and try to fix. It is very rare 1986 with a monitor. I will try my best:)

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