iPhone 8+ is turning on and off rapidly after replacing battery

I replaced my iPhone 8+'s battery with a battery from iFixit.

Here's what happened during that process

  • The adhesive tabs continued to snap off.
  • I found a guide suggesting moistening the adhesive strips with isopropyl alcohol 70%. The battery came up easily after 5-7 minutes.
  • I waited for the remaining alcohol to evaporate.
  • A fleck of paint came up from the black square directly below where the screen plugs in. Now the metal under the paint is exposed. The alcohol did that.
  • I put the new battery in. I replaced the cables and screws.
  • I turned on the phone. It turned on long enough for me to get caught on messages etc. I noticed the back upper right side of the phone got warm to the touch.
  • The phone shut down.
  • No, it is not updated to the latest iOS.
  • Upon shutting down, I noticed grayish vertical lines on the right hand side of the screen from top to bottom.
  • I left the phone for a day and turned it back on. It got stuck in a boot loop.
  • I did the volume up volume down in rapid succession then press the power button on the right side. It did not reboot the phone, it only caused it to go back into a loop.
  • I plugged the phone into my computer with iTunes going. The phone booted up fully this time. iTunes suggested the new iOS update for the phone. I initiated that and the phone shut down and started looping again.
  • I'm writing to you. Ideas? Tomatoes?
  • Thank you

Update (06/05/2022)

Block Image

Thanks to everyone who chimed in. I finally had some time today to open up the phone and get a photo. I know what's wrong with the screen at least; the pins in the screen receptacle(?) are bent. Looks like I need to order that part.

Do you see the black paint peeling off of the cover for the mother board? It's also hot when it's turned on. When I did some research on that, one site said there was a short where current was heating up a shorted circuit. Couldn't that be from the bent pins/ screen?

Thanks so much. I am grateful for your help.

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First take the screen off and clean the connectors that's what is most likely causing the line on the screen. Did you disconnect the battery before you took the screen off and put it on? You shouldn't unhook anything with the battery Still connected. Did you try hooking it up to the old battery? Can you take a picture of the spot that the paint came off of?

How much alchocol Did you put? Not to much to get other components wet?

It doesn't matter if he used a lot of alcohol as long as there was power through it. They clean the boards with water and a cleaning solution and rinse in alcohol.

@barriphone right. I tried to keep the alcohol focused on just the adhesive under the battery, but it moves around. I used a lot, I thought.

Thank you.

@barriphone Done! It isn't very clear. My other phone is a cheap Android. I assume that part where the paint is peeling, and the metal is sheeting off underneath, is a cover for a processor or the mother board, right?


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