Mid-2014 Retina MBP Stopped Recognizing iFixit Battery After 3 Months

I purchased and successfully replaced the battery in my 15" mid-2014 Retina Macbook Pro in mid April (approximately three months ago). It was a great experience overall: fairly straightforward fix and it ended up working great (huge improvement over my old ballooning battery)...until now. Not sure what happened, but out of the blue today, the laptop hasn't been able to recognize the battery. Won't boot unless plugged into the wall, shows an X'd out battery icon on initial boot, then no battery status at all after login. Battery info isn't available in System Information, coconutBattery shows not readable, and the battery settings are not available in System Preferences, but everything seems to be running fine on wall power.

I've reset SMC and PRAM a few times as well as checking the battery internally (unplugged and replugged, seems clean and still in good physical condition) to no avail. Is it possible I just have a faulty battery here or is a larger problem more likely? I'll happily accept any advice.

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