LG In door ice maker not dispensing water

I have a LG door in door fridge freezer model no GSJV91BSAE which has an ice maker.

Recently it has stopped dispensing water for the ice tray. Water dispenser works fine still. The ice tray still turns every so often as if it were full, but it isn’t and it doesn’t refill.

i thought it might be the pump, but with the main water dispenser working not so sure.

How can I diagnose the problem and fix it?

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Water dispensing from refrigerators use water pressure to move water thru plumbing with an electric water valve to control flow whether to the ice maker or front dispense of pre-chilled water. Most refrigerators have wiring diagrams either in printed form, folded and inserted into a water resistant envelope placed behind the bottom grille or just inside the bottom area or pasted on the rear of refrigerators. If you are familiar with wiring diagrams, you should be able to find the water dispensing valves and either attempt swapping the two valves (if they're identical) or troubleshoot further. If swapping valves, be sure to manually shut off the feed valve supplying water to the refrigerator then remember to turn it back on after the swap. If done this way then try dispensing water. No water, valve is defective. Water dispensed suggests wiring and/or control board problems.

Do you have a warranty on the product?

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