Why does my game cut off?

Certain times I can play for a while fine. Other times I play for a bit, and the game will cut out. Now it's pretty much cutting out after reading and loading the disc. The signal cuts out and the power light indicator turns off, but the fan continues to run, and the disc continues to spin. I have vacuumed the side vents with a brush attachments, which worked for a short period.

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Does it do it with specific games or across all games


It has done it with all games

@johnnyboy11 have you tried opening it up and cleaning the game slot?

I have not opened it up, as I have no knowledge of what I should be looking for


Sorry about the delayed reply (I didn’t get a notification)

Try cleaning the connector for the disk drive with some isopropyl alcohol

The alcohol with help remove any invisible dirt that our human eyes can’t see

Also do you see any corrosion anywhere (white ,blue green marks )

If you do try cleaning it away with some isopropyl alcohol:-)

Also here’s the guide you will need to open it:-)

Nintendo GameCube Optical Drive Assembly Replacement

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