How do I tell if my mac is GUI or CLI

I am wondering how tell if my mac is GUI graphical user interface or CLI command line interface? and if i should uprade my hard drive from 512mb to the 2TB i saw advertise on here

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I believe your answer is yes. You can upgrade your RAM. It looks like you currently have one 512 MEG module. You can upgrade by adding a 1 GIG module for a total of 1.5 GIGS or replace the existing 512 also and insert 2 - 1GIG modules. Would you look on the bottom of your iMacs stand and give us the exact description so we can direct you to the correct RAM and installation guide.

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If I've misunderstood the question and you are talking about data storage, your machine probably came with a 160 or 230 GIG hard dive and you can upgrade to the 2 terabyte drive.

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That's only theoretical if we're talking TB, theoretically an intel mac running 10.6 could support up to 2TB of ram, but not practically.

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Your mac uses a GUI, although you can access a CLI through the GUI with or by booting into single-user mode.

Short answer: GUI.

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All macs have been GUI since GUI was invented (Apple II-1984)

And you can upgrade you mac to 2 TB with this, except I'm guessing you'd be upgrading from 512 GB, not MB, 512MB has not been a hard drive option since either the early 90s or late 80s

2 TB 3.5" Hard Drive 이미지


2 TB 3.5" Hard Drive


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