Screen flickers when I lift the laptop up and down.

So, basically what it says.

My laptop's screen briefly flickers when I pick the laptop up or put it down. It doesn't happen when I move it side to side and its completely find when still or only slightly moving (say, when I breath while its on my lap). I can close and open it without affecting the screen as far as I can tell. This started today- it worked fine yesterday and it's not been dropped or otherwise damaged between then.

At the moment its just mildly annoying, but it seems like something likely to get worse so I'd like to fix it before it becomes serious. Any advice?

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Hi, I think your flex cable on the screen started to wear out or it is slightly catching in the hinge mechanism. It is also possible that the screen connector has become loose and it is not inserted in the connector fully.

@honakrisi Ok, that makes sense. Is there any way to fix that or do i have to take it to a profressional?

If you have the tools to open your laptop, then I would say you can fix it yourself. It shouldn't need any specific tools other than the correct screwdriver bits and tweezers. I believe that there is a guide here on how to disassemble your laptop. It is maybe worth taking pictures along the way so you know who to put it back together

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