pure One DAB Distortion and clipping, headphone out fine

I bought a Pure One radio that had no sound. Easy fix it was a blown 7052 op amp. I have replaced it with a TDA7052A chip. Now I get speaker out. But there is distortion in the sound and it clips badly as volume is turned up. Also There's a loud buzzing when first switched on (it's always removed from mains when not in use). This noise is only from speaker, headphones work very well and no distortion at any volume. So it's a problem with output stage only.

Any suggestions what other components could cause this? i dont have any cct diagrams to help. Or is the 7072A the correct chip (photo of original below)

Any help appreciated.

thanks in advance


Original op amp Chip image;


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Where did you get the new 7052 chip from?

Hi. @andrewsawesome I got it on eBay

@andy_handy What country do you live in?

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