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Where do I buy a new Power Supply unit?

Anyone who nows where to buy a new OEM Power Supply unit for a 1TB Time Capsule model A1355 from December 2009?

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Are you asking for the internal power supply, or an AC adapter wall plug?

I'm asking for the internal power supply.

Ok thank your input.

The cheapest way to get it repaired if no original parts are available must be at Chris Fackrell in UK.: http://www.fackrell.me.uk/index.html. Apples response was: We are sorry to here that your device is broken but we can't do anything for you. Try iFixit.com (The Apple representatives own words).

I got one A1355 for sale contact Lori 6263795287

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I've never seen anyone selling parts for these things. I would call Apple directly and see if they will give you a flat rate quote on the unit. Also read this on possibly getting it repaired for free: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blo...

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Good Grief! I appear to be mentioned in the question above; I am the Chris Fackrell referred to.

I can, and do, repair the TC PSUs that come my way. There are three basic types;

1. Flextronics Mk1

2. Flextronics Mk2

3. Delta.

The DELTA units are very robust and can withstand the furnace temperatures far better than the Flextronics; they overheat and fail in a very predictable way, in that, the secondary capacitors cook and dry out. I remove all 4x of the main failure culprits and replace them with new superior parts, test the PSU on full load and reseal the plastic case holding the electronics.

I give a very easy-to-follow script for the repair of the Flextronics units, on my website listed above.

The DELTA PSUs almost never fail and by not failing they have revealed some very interesting facts about the TC design. (I'm in design, did I mention that?).

There is a basic, known, design flaw in the structural build of the Apple Time Capsule. It overheats - and high temperature kills electronics - FACT.

To obviate this heat problem, the Apple design team built in a very useful cooling fan and when connected and running it works very well. Unfortunately, the design with this fan has three basic faults...

1. The fan has no air inlet hole. It need cool outside air to displace the hot inside air.

2. It is pointing the wrong way. The 'hot spot' inside the TC is the PSU - it generates the power needed to drive the electronics and the hard drive but it is not 100% efficient (no PSU is). The surplus heat is not removed by passing cool air, so the PSU gets hotter and hotter.

3. The fan (as fitted) is not turned on. It WILL come on when a terminal temperature is reached by which time the TC is shutting down.

In Apple's defence, since this problem is known, they have at least on the latest versions turned the fan 'on' and made its speed proportional to an internal temperature sensor.

Too little, too late.

Please note, I will repair a PSU but only if you choose to remove it from the TC. Send me the WHOLE TC and I will repair the PSU AND modify it to run cool and remain so. I call this a 'F&M' (Fix and Modify).

I will NOT fix a PSU and put it back in a flawed TC, only to fail again.

Ahh... point not explained before, when I mentioned the DELTA supply... it highlighted that IT was not the weakest link in the critical chain of components that keep the TC running. The DELTA is tougher than the FLEXTRONICS. This toughness makes something else the weakest link within the TC, that will eventually succumb to excessive heat. That something, so far, has proved to be the main control board, which is beyond my present ability to repair.

Avoid these overheating problems and follow my website in the ways to do it...

Cut a hole. Flip the fan to point the correct way. Turn the fan on.

Sorry this answer was so long. It needed explaining... :-)


Chris Fackrell,



Hello Kevin,

If the PSU is a Flextronics, probably yes.

If it is a Delta, I will decline; I have not seen the same fault twice, have no schematics for the PSU and hold no spares.

Address per the contacts page on my website.



Chris Fackrell


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Chris my TC just died no power light etc if I remove PSU can u repair?

What is the model number for the Delta power supply that would work with a TC A1355? TY!

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I sell a replacement kit based on an internal 12v to 5v converter and using an external 12v power supply.. this is easier than fixing the internal supply and removes about 1/2-1/3 of the waste heat from the TC..

See https://sites.google.com/site/lapastenag...

I sell the internal converter.. for most people it is cheaper to get a 12v power supply locally for from ebay. The converter is cheap enough I can post around the world. Chris's method is very good.. we keep in touch.. and I have and still occasionally do that repair.. but offloading the power supply to me solves the problem.. and no fan noise is welcome.

You can DIY if you have some skills .. look at the whole site there for repair type 3.. as well as other methods.. I have recently got some modules from China for running LED lights in the car.. they have worked ok but I have recorded one failure out of about 10 units in the field. Long term we will need to wait and see.



Melbourne Australia.

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If you check ebay you can see the original Gen1 power supply is now available from Hong Kong. They haven't run out for several months.. each time the number ticks down to zero they post again with a dozen of them. The delta was a better design than flextronics.. and does generally last longer. They say it is compatible with gen2 which is not quite correct. The increased the wattage to 34 in the Gen2 to account for dual band wireless and higher current demand of the hard disk.. but the supply is little changed and actual power consumption well below the peak except at start up.

They sell for $50US including post.. although he has been creeping the price up.

If your hard disk is the smaller 500GB unit.. replacing both power supply and hard disk starts to get expensive. I am not sure it is worth it now. On the other hand remove the hard disk and just run it on 5v is well worth it.. you get an Airport extreme out of it.


Hi Ray,

Your Web site does not seem to respond anymore. The PSU of my A1355 (P/N 614-0464) just died and when I opened it, although there are 2 connectors and lots of wires, it seems they are only 0, 5 and 12V. It seems I could probably power it with a simple power supply but everything I find is too powerful or bulky to fit the Time Capsule.

A quick search led me here (https://www.eleccircuit.com/12v-5v-power...) but it is using a multi-tap transformer, which I would like to avoid

Would you mind sharing a new link to your kit? I wouldn't mind ordering one from you or at least see the schematics

Thank you

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Thanks for your returns!

In fact I have contacted Apple in order to obtain something but their proposal was to buy new one. Even local Apple authorized repairer, contacted by phone, don ´t want to sale detailled parts (whatever the model of Time capsule)

Concerning the analysis component by component, I don't know to do but I will read the topics about this du ring vacation. And I will contact Vis as proposed by oldturkey03 even if the price is not so competitive (for this price I wonder if I can't find an old TC with dead hard disk)

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Repairing a Time Capsule is very easy.

Only two 6.5 volt 1500 and F capacitors fail.

I have repaired many in my technical service of Apple in Las Palmas, you can see the repair in this link: https://juanluismartel.com/reparacion-de...

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