Pelonis Digital Heater doesn't get hot.

My 1 year old Pelonis oil filled digital heater no longer heats up. The heater turns on, display turns on, but no longer heats up. and I'm not sure how to take the panel off.... Please help.

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Hi @mcraw10,

Is it >12 months old or <12 months old?

If it is <12 months get it fixed under warranty.

What is the model number of the heater as there are a few different models?

I called about warranty. But I don't have the receipt anymore.....

Model number is PH-14A



As it's very new there no service or parts info online so unfortunately I can't help you further..

If the heater is <12 months old and you purchased it using a credit, debit card, cheque etc, check with the manufacturer again if they will accept a copy of the credit, debit card, cheque statement as proof of purchase and date of purchase as the receipt cannot be found. Never hurts to ask ;-)

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