Cursor stuck in the upper left corner

I just replaced the logic board and optical drive and when I boot up the mouse pad does not work. What should I check 1st?


The built in track pad is not working. I am checking the connection now. I was hoping to find out which connection is the likely problem.

thanks for the help

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Do you mean you're running a USB mouse or the in-built trackpad on the keyboard area? If it's USB the check ports externally for dirt/bent pins and for solder crack internally. If it's the trackpad and you had no previous prioblems then you should recheck your connection there.

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Reseat the keyboard connector making sure you haven't bent over any pins on the connector: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz Keyboard Replacement

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The 4 pins are straight and connector seems fine. Yet no track pad working yet.

USB mouse does work.

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