3.5mm Headphone jack not playing audio properly

As stated in the title, the headphone jack is causing issues with all my headphones. The speakers and bluetooth audio is fine, but every pair of earbuds or headphones I've tried to use have not been able to properly play audio. It seems to be a physical problem with the jack as moving certain headphones' connector to a certain angle fixes the issue. It occasionally skips parts in songs, friends over discord sound quiet and it seems that it just doesn't play certain frequencies of sound. I've tried multiple pairs of headphones/earbuds, cleaned out the jack (multiple times), and looked around in the settings and software, but the problem still persists

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Do you have experience with soldering?

@andrewsawesome I do, I am comfortable replacing it with a replacement port. But the problem is that I can’t find the replacement and I’m unsure if just resoldering it would fix it since all the solder joints look perfectly fine.

@potatpc Can you upload a picture of the audio jack on the circuit board and tell me the distance between the pads (in mm)? 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

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