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I need to know what kind of glue to use on electronics

I need to know what kind of glue is, where I can buy it if I need to apply some gun or other instrument.

I hope your answer thank you very much



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please reply

i need help :(

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el pec, what are you trying to glue?

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I need to stick the cable into the motherboard in case of warranty repairs.


The customer to repair your equipment to us we put a seal of guarantee and I separately or silicon glue to prevent anyone other than my company will intervene.

A type of security seal for screws and also so that the cables are soldered to the motherboard are firm.


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thought of a "cold glue" can buy it at most craft shops or supermarkets/DIY stores. It has a low melting point, sets hard in a few seconds, would probably do for screws and connectors not exposed to heat. Down side is it can be a little messy/stringy but with practice/scissors it gives a good anti tamper cover. I think a few companies use this type of glue.

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