My PC is not displaying anything when connected to my telly...

I have recently bought some Crucial RAM off of Amazon recently, but after trial and error, the RAM wasn't recognized, even though my laptop has 2 slots; one occupied, and the other is free.

I have tried what I could; disassemble my laptop, but now that I have no display on the laptop, and I am worried that I static shocked the system, I don't know what to do.

My main issues, are the fact that my laptop's fans are running, but my LED on my laptop isn't on, as well as no display if connected via HDMI to my telly. It is also been used since December 2019, so the warranty has likely expired, and I can't return it. I also wouldn't visit a professional, since I don't want to spend a fortune, and I am on a tight budget, so I don't know what to do...

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How much tear down did you do to the laptop? The RAM should only be covered by a small square panel on the back.

If you did more tear down then that you may want to make sure that you connected anything you may have disconnected in the process.

Also did you remove the battery while trying to upgrade the RAM?

I did remove the battery, and this laptop is an FX505DT, but I was too lazy to create the product on this site.

@lpkeates you are not saying if you removed the "new" RAM when you tried to restart it.

Good point, I'll have to try seeing what slot works, although next time I should get images of what goes where, and how...

Welp, it looks like I tried connecting my laptop to the telly via HDMI, everything was plugged in, I tried to power drain, but there were no lights, and the telly didn't display anything. The keyboard did light up, but no fans were working.

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