Why is monitor keep disconnecting and reconnecting with MacBook Pro?

Hey y'all. I'd like to get some advice about my setup. I have this monitor and MacBook Pro A1708 which is my main development machine.

When I bought this monitor it is advised to connect it with the USB Type-C cable came in the box. So I've installed the monitor on my desk and connected it through the USB Type-C cable. Everything was perfect until the disconnect and reconnects started. It takes like 2 second disconnect and reconnect and never stops this malfunctioning. Sometimes I try to disconnect the cable and reconnect it by myself but nothing changes.

Did some digging on the Internet and most of the users of this monitor suffers from this issue. Is this a motherboard/controllerboard issue or something related to my MacBook Pro?

Steps to reproduce this issue.

  1. Connect the monitor to the MacBook Pro through the USB Type-C Cable.
  2. Keep lid closed or open.
  3. Just use it.

Also there's another additional information. On BootCamp it gets crazy, probably do this in every 30-60 secs.

Pardon my English grammar. All comments and replies welcomed.

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Hi @metehancelenk! You mention that other users of that monitor are having the same problem. Have you tried using a different monitor? If not, I'd start there.

@metehancelenk let's try to narrow it down. Connect the computer to a different video input source. i.e. different computer or even TV etc. If it still has the same behaviors, you know that this is related to the monitor and not your MBP.

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