Panasonic released the CF-29 on January 1, 2004. It was designed to survive the harshest environments US Armed Forces, service personnel, and enthusiasts could throw at it. The Black Hawk CF-29 was released in 2009.

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How do I stop my curser randomly skipping around the screen?

An intermittent problem, suddenly the curser arrow starts hopping and sliding around the screen, opening windows, that copy all over the screen, happens with a USB mouse as well. Ctl Alt Del doesn't work. The only solution is to leave it running until the battery goes flat, then restart.

I'm setting up a computer I was given as a gift. It's working now, but...

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This turned out to be easily fixed: Panasonic have a fairly easy to navigate Downloads section in the business users chunk of their website for the CF-29: I phoned them - a GPS driver was needed after the reinstallation. Downloaded it, easily installed, rebooted: fixed.

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Has this laptop previously had any liquid damage over the trackpad/keyboard area? If not, i would try to boot to a known working Operating system. You can download a Live Ubuntu disc from , burn this to a disc and boot to it, make sure you run it as a Live cd and not install. If the fault does not replicate in here then you know it is a software issue. If you are aware of liquid damage then it may be worthwhile removing the keyboard/trackpad/top plastics and giving it a good clean.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Wes 157. I'll try that. Glad you're out there :)

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No problem, good luck :)

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Was this brand new when you got it or was it used? If it was used did you re-install the Operating System when you received it? If you did not it could have a virus. I say this because Control Alt Delete does not work. I would start with a fresh install of the OS. If that does not fix the issue you are looking at hardware failure.

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