Cranks but will not start?

I have a 2013 triumph Thunderbird Storm that cranks but will not start I have replaced the battery plugs coils map sensors under tank checked lines on map sensors checked injectors(they do work) checked negative ground inspected start button control switch on handlebars I'm stumped at this point and begging for help I live to far from a dealer to take it to them and do not have the money for that anyway this is my only means of transportation any and all advice will be helpful and tried

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@charlesrobar you did not say if you had sparks at the spark plugs or if your engine gets fuel. Take a quick read through this manual Thunderbird Service Manualand see if that tells you anything new.

BTW nice Bike!

@oldturkey03 I have checked it does have spark on all four and I know it's getting fuel to the injectors but I will still check out that manual

@charlesrobar dang, this bike even has it's own diagnostic. You know I wonder if it is not a crankshaft sensor. It sure sounds like one doesn't it?

@oldturkey03 I will check out a crankshaft sensor and there is another sensor on the throttle body but I can't remember what it's called something stepper sensor

@charlesrobar sounds good and I really hope you get to ride your bike pretty soon

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