Keyboard only works when I put pressure between the keyboard/touch pad

The keyboard and touch pad quit working sometime ago, I found that if I push down on the case between the two they both work for a short period of time. Unfortunately doing this so much the case between the two is now somewhat bent down a little, I don't know if that is a big deal or just a cosmetic issue. Does anyone know if it is the keyboard that needs replaced or what, since it affects the touch pad as well. It still works putting pressure like I said but with it bent, I would like to fix the whole problem.

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Open it up and reseat the ribbon to the motherboard. A piece of electical tape will help hold it in place.

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I'll give that a shot. Thank you very much!

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Where you are pressing is very close to the insert where the cable attaches to the motherboard.

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I have not tried to put the cable back in the motherboard yet, because I was talking to a friend and he said something about not doing this while standing on carpet because of static. He said the static would fry the motherboard. Is this the case? I want to open my mac, but I've never worked on a computer before and what he said kind of got me worried.

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I had this same issue. For a while I was able to unseat the amber ribbon on the underside of the top case, gently rolling the ribbon back. I would then replace the ribbon into the connector. (Note: make sure to lift the ribbon locks on the the connectors before removing)

The issue was that the ribbon was made juuuust a bit short. After many many hours of high use, through the years the ribbon was not making full connection with the prongs in the bracket.

I eventually had to replace the lower case. The issue isn't with your keyboard, as that is the white ribbon and the amber is the one that the pressure is required for.

Anyone having this issue has two options.

1) Replace the ribbon. (Given all that it connect to, I don't advise it)

2) Replace the bottom case.

The repair guide that Mayer has included is spot on for replacing the top case.

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