36v metabo HPT battery compressor wont start

  • I bought a Metabo HPT air 36v compressor for use with Pnuetmatic tools. I put the filter in, made sure the air tank was empty and made sure the most powerful-fully charged battery was in it. I flipped the switch and nothing happened. I took off and put back on the filter and battery. Still nothing. No help with customer service and to ship it back and get another one always feels like a big deal with items over 200$ of value. Does anyone have any experience or advice?
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@bfizzlebilly1 Did you check the voltage of the battery?

Not on that one. I have many more compatible batteries from the same company and none have worked. They have an adapter for a/c conversion. Might have to be my next purchase for Troubleshooting

Does anyone know a way to troubleshoot if my switch is broken?

@bfizzlebilly1 If you can get access to the contacts of the switch, you can use a multimeter in ohms or continuity mode to check for a beep (or low ohms) when the switch is on, and OL, 1, or similar when the switch is off.

It has 1 when the switch is off and it gradually goes to zero when I turn on switch


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