Stuck on lenovo logo- restart loop.


I have a lenovo yoga tab 3 10 " yt3-x50f (wifi). Which stopped suddenly and entered in restart mode continuously (not going further the Lenovo logo). I have tried the power+volume up or down but only combination that works is the one that works is the one that takes me to Fastboot menu (but is stuck in there-freezes).

I have tried to use the smart assistant app from lenovo to rescue the tablet, and it worked for the first 2 times. But not anymore (after finishing the flashing process, it's telling me that I have to choose to reboot and press the power button to confirm-it doesn't give me any options and restarts again the loop.

I have tried to disconnect the battery and connected back in. Tried to keep the charger in and try to reset (thinking that it might have a battery issue) no chances. The guy from lenovo said that I have to contact google because they own the OS 😂.. Can you please tell me what can I do to fix this tab?

Thank you

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