Doesn't act like it has any power at all

So I got a fan that didn't work for free to fiddle with and I've got it taken apart and it has power, I used a multimeter and connecting a couple of wire to the leads via solder I was able to get the different functions to work, I'm new to using one but the multimeter stayed at 0. Anyways I was wondering what it could be or if I could just hard wire the high and low settings to an external switch.

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Hi @batmanandking

What is the make and model number of the fan?

usually with "simple AC" fans i.e. AC motors the switches insert/remove extra capacitance to vary the speed of the fan motor.

With more sophisticated electronic models then it's different. They may even have DC motors or pwm switched motors

Regarding the multimeter, if it didn't come with a user manual, search online using the meter's make and model number to hopefully find a manual that you can download.

It's better to know how to use it for all situations e.g. voltage, current, resistance, capacitance measurement etc as this will make it easier and also maybe prevent damage to the meter and/or to the circuit that's under test.

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