Repair of Harman Kardon rear sub woofer fitted Freelander

My Freelander Harman/Kardon rear subwoofer, mounted under the rear floor panel, the flexible material in the form of a ring around which is glued to both the steel outer frame and the central vibrator cone to centralise, support, and cushion the cone has disintegrated, possibly with the heat build up inside the vehicle, can this cushioning ring be replaced and with what, or what make/model of subwoofer is there to replace the present model.

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Hi @spainspanne

I believed the symptoms should be subwoofer /speaker foam rot, which is pretty common.

do you have a picture to share with us?

if it is foam rot, yes, it can be fixed by replacing the damaged foam.

there are some repair kits, but best is to confirm your subwoofer inch.

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