Green Hue and Now TV Struggles to Turn on

Hey everyone,

I just picked up a Samsung un58tu7000fxz and half of the screen had a slight green hue to it. I took it apart and upon inspection I noticed that the connector that joins the 2 panels had a small piece of tape covering 4-5 pins. I removed it and now the green hue is gone.

My issue is that now the TV struggles to turn on. The backlights will turn on and off, trying to power up over and over again. It will eventually turn on and all is well (except a tiny horizontal black line through the center of the screen). And I also notice the video board get extremely hot fairly quickly. I tried disconnecting the video board from the power board, and the backlights turn on and stay on with no issues.

I am thinking it just needs a new video board and am looking for some other opinions before I pull the trigger and order one. Or is it the panel? :(


Block Image

Block Image

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