No display but powers on

Hi everyone,

Today I got iPhone 8 Plus for LCD and home button replacement, basic approach I tested the new lcd and everything was good, the home button was not working so I had trouble with that, but after some time I came back to device and it wasn't displaying anything, tried unpluging and pluging back the display it boots I can hear the sound of charger being pluged in but no display, first I tought that the J5700 display connector was bent but I tested the values and right on the first upper pin instead of 392 I got 1000 and something which is abnormal, checked the backside where is backlight circuit and noticed the filters R5730,R5733 were a little bit burnt along with C560 I replaced those components from iPhone 7 motherboard but it's still the same, first 7 pins on J5700 FPC are abnormal first one is abnormal the other ones are OL while lower ones are all pretty much OL, should I take those components from iPhone 8 plus donor board or is the fault somewhere else, now all the filters have continuity

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