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Why do keys stick?

the erase key and the direction arrows stick. when i want to erase one letter, it runs through and erases the whole line?? do i need to change the keyboard or just the keys?

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Check that the scissors under the keys are not broken or jumped out of tangs. There's supposed to be a little silicone nipple acting like a spring under the key. I have been able to replace the missing nipple with one taken from a damaged keyboard.

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Go into system preferences, select keyboard, and adjust the slider bars of key repeat rate and delay until repeat. Experiment with the sliders to see which gives you the best results. Also, quit eating cookies and chips around your laptop, because crumbs are getting stuck under your keys. Get a can of compressed air, lift the keys up slightly, and blow all the debris out from under the keys.

Go into disk utility, select your hard drive on the left side, and then select repair permissions at the bottom.

Finally, order a TPU keyboard cover to keep liquid and crumbs out of your keyboard. Don't order a silicone keyboard cover, because they attract too much dust and they turn foggy white after a few weeks and you can't see the keyboard keys when they do that.

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It sounds like there is gunk underneath the key cap and into the key retainer clip assembly. If you're lucky, you can get away with removing the key cap and cleaning underneath it. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a replacement laptop key retainer clip.

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