Had to replace the ignition key,having a blonde moment!

At first the key wouldn't turn,now went through the steps of programing it but still not getting any fire.internal lights radio all of that comes on but nothing else please help .I been stuck here no water about to have the power off for several days.

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Some questions to ask. Does this key have a rifd chip requiring 'marrying' it to the vehicle antitheft system? If yes and performed correctly, is the security indicator off after turning on ignition with all instrument panel lights cycling on then off (leaving seat belt, battery, oil and brake indicators on)? If the security indicator is off, is the car battery fully charged? Lights and radio do not tell anyone a battery is good since a starter draws the most current from a battery. Tried a boost from another car battery, jump pack? Are battery cables clean and free of corrosion, tightly secured to battery posts?

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