SD card issues while playing music / .MP3's (AVH-Z9200DAB)


Some time ago it got a 'Software error' message on the AVH-Z9200DAB. Screen was not working - all lines appeared. After 2 days, the AVH was loading and YES, it was back and funtional.

1 issue -> if I play music from the SD CARD, everything goes well. After I turn offr ignition, AVH turns off -> perfect. After I turn on iginition, the SD CARD / music does not go further with the same music where it stopped. So I start every day with the same music number :-(

I have already contacted Pioneer -> no answer.

I have reset the AVH to factory setting; formatted the SD card; bought another SD card; took the power off (via car battery); etc. etc.

Nothing was an solution.

I do have firmware 1.04 -> I thought to (re-)load the firmware again but it is not available to download.

Can you help me out to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi @bert40779,

Just clarifying when you said ".....reset the AVH to factory setting; ..." did you use the System Settings → Restore → All Settings option or did you reset by pressing the microprocessor reset button on the front panel?

Hi Jayeff,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I did a 'reset' via "System Settings -> Restore -> All settings" as well as via de resetbutton on the front panel.

Even a few times per option. Unfortunately, no results.

When I took of the power off, the AVH 'started from the beginning with some kind of demo mode'. When I use both ways of resetting (as described above), there was no 'demo mode' after reset.

With kind regards,



Try disconnecting the power to the unit (radio fuse in fuse box of vehicle) and then holding the unit's on/off button operated for 30 seconds and release it. Then reconnect the power and check

Not sure if you did when you said "...took the power off (via car battery); etc. etc...."

Sometimes just removing the power is not enough to reset electronics as there may be a backup system in place that maintains the settings when the power is disconnected. Sometimes the "back up" can last for hours/days even a week in some cases.

By trying to turn it on with the power disconnected it will still try to turn on (but obviously can't) but in doing this it will drain all the power from the circuits in the unit and hopefully reset everything back to square one.

Worth a try anyway.

Hi Jayeff,

Thanks again for your reply -> I do appreciate it very much.

Good thinking -> OK, I will take the power off via car battery and I will press the POWER OFF button (on the AVH) and hold it for at least 30 seconds or longer.

Thanx! I will keep you posted,

With kind reagrds,


Hi Jayeff,

Today, I took power off (via car battery) en pressed & hold the ON/OFF button for at least 30 seconds. Also, I did it several times. In totaal, power was off for like 15 minutens.

Unfortunately, no luck.

I am out of possiblitities :-(

Tomorrow I will try to get in touch with Pioneer EU again :-) Wish me luck :-)

Thanx Jayeff,


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