Replacement touch for an old Kindle Fire 2nd Gen


I have a 2012 Kindle Fire 2nd generation (non-HD, build model KFOT), and the lower half of the touch screen stopped working. The image is fine, it just does not react to touch inouts.

Already reset it through ADB and cleaned touch contacts, so probably the digitizer is gone.

On iFixit and other sites it is out-of-stock, does anyone know if someone still sells them/the part number for a deeper search?

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Can you get access to your full model number?

Here’s how to check:

Go into the Settings menu.

Navigate to Device Options.

Tap the Device Info option.

Your Kindle will display information like Wi-Fi MAC address, firmware version, and other details.

The very first item on the list should be your device’s model

@cvneutron Sadly no, touch is completely KO

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