PSP 1001 Charging but won’t turn on

Hello everyone,

So I got this PSP 1001, that when connected to the charger, the battery orange light turns on and the battery is charging. But if I try to power the psp on, it won’t turn on. With battery only, connected directly to charger only, nor both.

I disassembled it to test the fuse and it passed the continuity test of the multi meter. Tested the power switch too and it also passed continuity test when sliding it upward. Checked all ribbons connections. Tested the led to check if the green power led is not faulty.

While I was testing it with only the bare motherboard and charging socket and power board (made sure that the yellow charging connector and its wires are supplying 5v), the green power led came up suddenly for a second then went out, and I could not replicate it again.

Tried reassembling the board and testing but I couldn’t get the power led to turn on again.

Checked if any motherboard component is heating/overheating when the charger is connected but every chip and components were cool.

Any ideas or a fix for this psp?

Also tried this combo buttons (Home + Start + Select + square + triangle + power). And tried to make a Pandora battery, but turned out the battery is a knock off.

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