Only power on after resetting, quickly turn themselves off.

Hello, I've had these headphones for around 4 years now.

a year ago I had an issue where the headphones wouldn't turn on properly, but I solved that by packing in some cotton buds, I believe it was the same issue as described here:

Won't turn on, only works with cable..

Now I have a different issue, I can't seem to turn them on at all, except when I do a hard reset (This applies to both holding the power and anc buttons when it is charging to perform a reset, and when performing an initialization, which is doing the same thing for 7 seconds after removing the charging cable.). After this the headphones turn on but will turn themselves off abruptly anywhere between instantly and around the 10 minute mark. There is no shut down noise, sometimes there is a pop through the speakers, although this doesn't happen all the time. When this happens I can't turn it back on without performing the reset.

I'd prefer not to chuck them because I really like these headphones, but I can't seem to find anyone having a similar issue.

I've tried applying pressure to different parts of the main board, separating the wires more etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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