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Lcd dimming problem, on MacBook Pro a1260?

i have replaced the LCD screen, now it seems when i want to dim the screen starting from the rightmost bar will start to dim correctly until i reach the last bar to the left where at that point the brightness of the screen is reversed to full bright.

then if i leave it down to second to the last bar where it is dim then after a few min. the brightness is back with out touching the keyboard or mouse or any part of the laptop. but if i touch it the screen returns to dim.

almost like a reverse affect the screen should turn dim when i don't touch and bright when i do.

i am think the inverter board, but wanted to get a second opinion

i already tried the automatic sensor on or off makes no difference.

any info is appreciated.

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Reset the PRAM and SMC. Click here and click here for instructions for doing the resets. Please let us know if this has any affect on things.

Please give us the last 3 characters of your serial number, so we can determine your exact machine. Please give us the exact version of OS X installed, along with exact versions of other operating systems installed. If you have multiple operating systems installed, does this problem occur on all of them?

Bottom line at the moment, this will not be related to an inverter board problem.

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