Ceiling fan still not working with new capacitor

Hey everyone. I recently tried fixing our ceiling fan by replacing the capacitor. It seemed like the most common. The wired coming from the fan are hot, so I figure there is nothing wrong in my ceiling going to the fan itself.

Block Image

I have done minor electrical work before, installing outlets, car stereos, and modding game controllers, so I figured this would be a breeze. I used the same kind of crimp connectors that were already used on it, and here is how it looks.

Block Image

After reconnecting to the ceiling fan I still wasnt able to get the lights or fan to work. I have a multimeter, so I assume there is a way to test if my crimps were dont correctly, but Im not sure how. This connector has a number of spots I could connect and connect wires to find a closed loop but I cant seem to find one, if its even possible.

Block Image

The fan does have a remote feature, but we don't use it. for the past 2 years we took the batteries out of the remote and were able to get full functionality from the wired cords. So if I did install everything correctly, my next guess is it could have something to do with that.

Thanks in advance for any help. I am currently out of work and can't afford anyone to come look at it, and its starting to get hot!

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