Compressor not pumping water / no pressure

I have a gerni 7300 pressure washer that doest seem to power up properly.
image of hardware

Normal operation is to connect nozzle and trigger to the spray hose, connect water to inlet on unitand turn on tap, plug into power and switch unit on.

Assuming you have adequate water pressure the units compressor should instantly fire up and pressurise the water in the unit. then as you use the unit the it should detect a drop in pressure and turn the compressor on as required.

The issue i have now is that i have no compressor, as in its not automatically turning on, so its just the normal water pressure coming out of the tap forcing water through the unit. meaning i cant use it for its intended purpose.

Im looking for a tear down / servicing plan so that i might be able to access the electricals and service the compressor atleast. as it intermittently comes on im hopeful it can be restored.

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