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Why is water coming out of end hose of my radiator?

I'm drivind down the road & my car over heats, so I stop to check & the little pipe on top of my radiator is blowing waster out. I also look for water leaks on the hoses that are attach to the little black tube on top of the radiator. But they weren't. I need to know whats wrong & how to fix it.

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If you have water in the radiator and it's overheating, have the water pump checked. Also check the fan belt.

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+1. Also, if the machine is old, the fan belt and its assembly may get worn out. The telltale symptom is overheating, and the fan belt squealing and ratttling.

So mayer is right: check the water pump, the fan belt and check how the fan itself is rotating. Check for weird noises and odd traces of grime.

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