Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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HDD fan stuck on full blast after HDD replacement

I followed the instructions to replace the 320GB Hitachi hard drive with 1 TB Western Digital - and it worked great.

Unfortunately, after starting up the early 2008 iMac, the HDD is going full speed.

The temperature on the HDD reads - 33C - which seems quite normal. I have tried to reset the SMC controls, rebooting many times and I was unable to run the Apple Hardware Test. (I upgraded my machine to Lion and I can't get the AHt to run).

I saw the HDD Fan control program - which looks like it was setup for the 2011 HDD problems. I'm not sure I want a software program for this.

Any suggestions to reduce the HDD fan or other checks?


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It doesn't matter what system you are running to use the Apple Hardware Test. Insert your original system installation disk and try starting up holding down the "D" key. Please let us know your results.

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Unfortunately - I have not found my original system installation disk.

So I went to the apple store today and asked about other ways to get this test to run. They suggested running the command+option+p+r to reset smc and other firmware settings.

I did this successfully, but no change. I took apart the computer again to check my connections for the temp gage on the HD and all was firm.

So I did an eval of the hdd fan control software - it worked instantly. After trying for an hour, I bought the HDD fan control software and fan problem is solved.

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This has been linked to running WinDUHows on this Mac, if you don't do that run your Hardware Test disk to check for failing/overheating components that could have been unhappy with the HD swap.

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