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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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Where can I find a replacement LCD panel for my TV?

Hello, about a year ago our 40" Sony Bravia LDC Television went one-on-one with a Wii remote... and lost. The panel was cracked, and the TV was not covered under a warranty. We have long since replaced it with another similar 40" Bravia which has faired pretty well over the past year. The other TV has been residing in the basement in it's box. I decided to leave it there until the price of LCD panels had gone down. I'm now thinking of buying a new panel (if the price is reasonable) and replacing it. The only problem is that I have no idea as to where you can buy an LCD panel for one of these TVs. eBay returned no results and neither did Amazon. Does anyone know where I can buy an LCD panel for one of these TVs?

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Good luck to you.

I bought a Sony Bravia 46-inch Hi-Def in 2008. Within 18 months, the picture went bad.

In the end, Sony agreed to pay half of the $1,400 repair to replace the panel. The service tech, a Sony gold standard place, says the set is defective.

But it's out of the warranty. What's worse? I bought it before Circuit City closed; I think I bought the 5-year extended warranty. But the outside source Circuit City is now using says nothing comes under the phone number I provided to look up the warranty.

Sony wants an actual receipt; I only have the copy of my credit card statement.

Furthermore, a Sony representative offered 2 46-inch (2010 models) at a discounted price, but they are discounted from the MSRP. Checking Costco, who offer a 3-year warranty included in the price, much better than Sony's 1-year, I found the pricing just about $100 more.

I'm going with Sony's half off the repair offer. I don't want Sony any longer. Next time, it will be Samsung or Panasonic.

Even more: A Sony rep said last week I could have more than a week to decide which offer (the discounted sets or half repair), then another person says that offer wasn't in the notation. She went back to the one-week offer.

Sony used to be a reputable company. I told the reps (telephone reps) to send the agreement through e-mail or fax; haven't received anything.

At least they called the serviceman. And he's been given the green light for half of the cost.

What happened to good service equals return customers? I asked this. They have no answer and refuse to go on the record.


I also has same views. Sony is left with what so ever no standards. I have bought the Song Bravia 26 inch costing me Rs. 32000. After two years i got a problem of it's 10 percent screen bieng blacked out. I got it for service at Sony Service centre in Lahore. They told me that it's paneel is faulty and it would cost me Rs. 24000 including all service changes. It's really shamefull for sony. Their quality has really degraded. Theie service is also not so good. Obviously next time i will not go for any sony product.

sony means beautiful in india but this name has lost its charm in india .many complaints are being heard of similar nature .

i bought lcd 40 inches in 1988 oct now picture quality is bad after getting it checked the service center is saying problem in panel .company people are saying its electronic item they cant do any thing .

can any one in company tell were is customer fault .customer is being cheated with fitting local panels by the sony .

satish arora

I have Sony Bravia and need a new screen. can anyone help. thanks

I too have the same problem. 46 inch lcd bravia klv-46w450a is the model and the picture is very badly flickering, showing double pictures, ghost like pictures, blackened pictures. It is just 3 years old and very carefully used in a minimalistic manner. Sony support said, panel needs to be chnged. Dont know what happened to sony lcd panels, the old LG crt tv was performing great even after 10 years.

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Look right here. you will need the part number. http://www2.partstore.com/Brand-Landing-...

UPDATE 3/2020

Link is no longer good try this instead


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Thanks, I'll have to dig it out of the basement this weekend.

this is a dead link

My new TV display is broken

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I work for an electronics distributor that specializes in LCDs. Open up your tv, there should be a white sticker on the back of the lcd inside the housing. It will say LG, Samsung, Sharp or whatever manufacturer and then the part number. Then just google.

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I have sony KDL 42w674a smart the screen is broken where can i get one.. But sony should be having this screens they are letting us down.. Kindly can someone give me a direct contact to sony malysia coz I cant afford throwing my Tv..

I have a 55inch covered which is Sony the screen has broken where can I find screen to buy here in Ghana I can't afford to throw my tv away

need a new panel bn95-02286b can you located somewhere for me to find? it s a samsung 65 inch, model eu65h6400

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Check this out Bro


Hasith / SL

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When a problem occurs in television. It is not just the panel. Other parts may be malfunction. for example : Lvds cable-t-con & main board even address board may be dead. Usually find the page panel is difficult, and if it still may not match with main board socets ! and t con board flat cables too. better you sure first .Of course, when the panel has been broken. Have no other option other than to replace it. m . hamooni.

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I have a Samsung 32 led my daughter threw something and broke the screen. I live in Jamaica

I have my Sony Bravia 32 Lcd screen fatally damaged. It was hard knocked off by a falling overhead fen. Please help if there's anywhere I can get this Lcd fixed. Tau +27732702549

I bought my sonny bravia 32 Inc it can play the sounds to all channels an Radio serching in dark but doesnt display,since I've been looking for someone to repair its 3years now anywhere i can get help I'm in south Africa Soweto my contact's are 073 528 4068

I have Sony 55 smart screen broken is any chance to fix

I am looking for a Sony xbr55x850b lcd panel

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After all searching I got two solutions…..

1 Purchase same make and model number DEAD TV ( main board not working ) and replace the panel ..this is very low cost solution

2. All TV’s panel have details of below at backside of panel when you open back cover of TV( sticker pasted on panel)

a. Panel make

b. Panel type

c. Panel number

These all new panels are available in china searching by “Panel Number” and you have to import it by importers of your country.

Panels are available by Panel model Number only not by TV make and model numbers

ex : Sony KD-49x700d used panel is “Lc490eqy-sja3 or syv4951”

you have to search as Lc490eqy-sja3 or syv4951 not Sony KD49X700D panel.

This solution is expensive as 1 panel cost 2. import charges 3. taxes

so good luck….

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1 Comment:

I have invested in three Sony TV /Sony52xbr hx 909/Sony Bravia Android 850c/sony 46 tv 3D/all three tv have Problems it is very frustrating cannot get parts heavily investedMost parts is not available 1 tv is down , next TV dark spot in the middle of the screen Numbers (3) tv same problem dark spot middle of the screen .No more sony for me within the five years all my three Sony TV is out .”

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Sony TV brand are not suitable for more than 4 hours of viewing, “the longer it run, the higher numbers of problem will come out during its 2yr stage. They can't support problem when it comes to LCD panel. sometimes main logic board are out stock.


Technical Team

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