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Did a sensor fail?

My Thermador Dishwasher model DWHD64CP runs for hours. It seems to get "stuck" in wash cycle. How can I troubleshoot this problem?

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Timers don't often fail. But if every other part of the dishwasher seems to be working properly and the timer knob seems to be stuck in one place--doing one function continuously--the timer may be at fault. Dishwasher timers can't be repaired. If yours is defective, replace it.

Is the water hot?

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My whirlpool is doing same thing. Water is hot and if I advance knob manually it will drain. Then I have to move it to rinse, then to drain, then to dry manually. It is almost 20 years old. Does this sound like it is just the timer?

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The timer would be my first guess if it is not advancing.

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