Trackpad Fix to Restore Silky Slickness and Smoothness?

So my trackpad has now lost its slick and glossy quality which it once had. I don't know if the the A1211 has a glass trackpad, but no matter what I do it seems to go back to this rubbery state which makes it very difficult to control.

Can this part be replaced? Or, if not easily replaced, perhaps there are some sticky covers that can be stuck to the top of the trackpad giving it a slick quality once again?

Any suggestions?

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Yes - though it will be a difficult DIY and to locate the part, IMHO it would be much easier, and possibly cheaper, to replace the entire topcase.

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At this rate, I think it would be best to apply a DIY fix where I use some type of laminate material to apply onto the trackpad, this material has to be pretty thin and pretty slick, since otherwise it would lose lots of the touch sensitivity.

Any suggestions on the type of material I should use?

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Any contact film should work. Marware sells one, but with clear tape you could make your own.

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